7 Feb 2011

Days 13, 14 and 15!

Here we go! After a most lovely birthday came more hecticness! As my friends came up from Pompey for a visit and a night out in Camden....was great fun! So short on doodling time, after Bjarni showed me a web comic with lobsters i drew... a sort of lobster thing!

Day 14....TWO WEEKS people! I've kept up my daily zoo so far :D

So after a heavy night out, Sarah and nat hung around and as HUGE Beatles fans decided to go see the famous Abbey Road Studios and 'The' Crossing from the album cover....

And here's the note I wrote on the wall of the studio:

All you need is love!

Needless to say a tad inspired did some late night Beatles related doodles..liking my Ringo and John and the rough sketch of my tatt.

Overal great weekend!

Now to day 15:

As you can imagine working on a movie with a horse for a lead character means after 10 hours of staring at old Joey, horses kind of infiltrate your brain a tad! I actually like drawing them after a project the first year of uni where we had to animate one, walking, cantering, trotting, running jumping, turning, eating...you name it we had to animate it. It made a hard animal to draw a lot easier so now I kid of remember the rules etc. Tonight I decided to draw a few quick body sketches (not great but ok) and then a mean looking mowhawk-y stallion thats got a bone to pick with you :D

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India Barnardo said...


Loving the horse! I might draw a few horses ones soon! they are so fun to do. I drew a few a while ago using http://pixelovely.com/tools/animalgesture.html this! they have some great dynamic horse photos :) xx

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