16 Feb 2011

Told you they'd be more horses.......

Day 22.......... And there he is again! Monday morning means only one thing on my mind..Warhorse...so heres another Joey for you :D

Another animal to note is Petunia the spider. I doodled her after a lunchtime chat about my friend Andi and her bizarre choice in next pet although it won't be happening if Adam gets his way! She watched a clip about a giant bird eating spider called zilla that was a pet and boy was she huge. The size of a small dog heheh, I actually thought she was quite cute for a spider (too big really, it was like a dog scurring around) although I certainly would not like her on me! I promptly sent my arachniphobic mother the video making sure to delete all traces of the word spider so she was not best pleased with me muhahahah!

Onto the next day: Day 23 is a pathetic addition to The Daily Zoo, I can only apologise...Too many house viewing stuff to sort out and too much work left me with zero time for scribbles so heres the result...rubbish!

Day 24:

Hopefully brings better attempts than that sorry state!
Heres two pages, one is just a couple of animal doodles, a duck and a cute squishee bear, then the next page is inspired by my new books Bjarni got me for Valentines Day. They are written by legendary Disney artist Walt Stanchfield and the two volumes are called: Drawn to Life: 20 Years of Disney Masterclasses. This was the guy who taught drawing,sketching, life drawing and animation to people at the Disney Studios. The guy himself worked there from the 50's up til towards the end of the century and taught newer Disney legends his craft (Glen Keane, Brad Bird, Tim Burton and John Lasseter to name a few). The books are great full of inspirational drawings and I look forward to pouring over the teachings and maybe influencing what appears on this blog in the future, Great gift Bjarni thank you!xxx

Days 20 and 21

Day 20: Saturday arrives and crazy flat hunting commences..very busy. Had time to doodle this little sketch of a kangeroo meeting a croc.

Then after watching the oddly disturbing and hilarious and sad movie 'Grizzly Man' about a guy who spends 13 summers living with bears in remote Alaska and then ultimatly gets eaten by one, I felt like adding a bear to today's proceedings.Day21: Still felt in a bear mood on the Sunday so heres some more bears and a odd 'kevin from UP' kinda bird I doodled before an excellent day at London Dungeon and walking from London Bridge to Oxford Circus via all sorts of things, Mounument, St Paul's, fancy malls, Yates dinners, Long Island Ice Teas and westerns starring Jeff Bridges (True Grit).

Days......16,17,18 and 19!

Roll up!!!!!!!!!!!!Due to insane business and finding a new flat-ness (eeek!) I have been slow on the upload of the zoo this last week. Although no matter how little time, I've always managed something for the day so onwards there will be a few posts :P

Day 16: Pub Doodling......Heres what happens when you go meet your friends after work for a quick lesson in poker, I doodled these while waiting for their game to finish so I could join in...pretty random collection..hamsters, old fashioned policemen and snazzy snakes!

After that little collection, we move onto day 17 which was done after watching the new movie 'The Fighter' at the cinema. Pretty decent flick go check it out. Note there are no boxing dogs in the movie unfortunatly...just Marky-Mark Wahlberg and Christian 'I'm BATMAN' Bale!

Day 18: Is pretty poor, tube drawings of some guys done after an afternoon watching some animated college sitcoms..meh..I have better characters in me!

Lastly day 19: Done while waiting for renders of my most lovely horse roto of Joey.....I doodled a duck (after seeing Kate's comp with a goose in it) and then fell back to drawing from the screen...Joey again. Prepare for lots of horses people....

7 Feb 2011

Days 13, 14 and 15!

Here we go! After a most lovely birthday came more hecticness! As my friends came up from Pompey for a visit and a night out in Camden....was great fun! So short on doodling time, after Bjarni showed me a web comic with lobsters i drew... a sort of lobster thing!

Day 14....TWO WEEKS people! I've kept up my daily zoo so far :D

So after a heavy night out, Sarah and nat hung around and as HUGE Beatles fans decided to go see the famous Abbey Road Studios and 'The' Crossing from the album cover....

And here's the note I wrote on the wall of the studio:

All you need is love!

Needless to say a tad inspired did some late night Beatles related doodles..liking my Ringo and John and the rough sketch of my tatt.

Overal great weekend!

Now to day 15:

As you can imagine working on a movie with a horse for a lead character means after 10 hours of staring at old Joey, horses kind of infiltrate your brain a tad! I actually like drawing them after a project the first year of uni where we had to animate one, walking, cantering, trotting, running jumping, turning, eating...you name it we had to animate it. It made a hard animal to draw a lot easier so now I kid of remember the rules etc. Tonight I decided to draw a few quick body sketches (not great but ok) and then a mean looking mowhawk-y stallion thats got a bone to pick with you :D


Good day, although lots of work to do and things to sort out so very hectic! Thought what to draw? What to draw? Hmm how about me?! So I did :D I did indeed get cake from Lee and Adam, Hummingbird cake to be precise! Went for lunch with my friends from Bournemouth Molly and Jon which was lovely. Lots of cards and little pressies but best of all...Bjarni spoilt me rotten! I had a suprise dinner at The Savoy Grill in The Savoy Hotel (uber posh!) then he took me to see 'Ghost Stories' the cool Horror play thats running, was great although hilarious and not (to me anyway) scary! The guy's wetting their pants with their coats over their heads in front of me however seemed scared shitless hahahah!
All in all a wonderful day :) xxxx

Days: 10 and 11

First up! Day 10
We have some quick rushed studies as i'm hard at work atm (deadlines and all that) but did a few days in a row where i drew an animal then a few quick varients.

First up: my favourite animal in the world...a mouse :D

Drawn during a mini Prep Station meeting with Lee, still feels weird not being there anymore but things change I guess gotta keep rolling!

Anyway the small fat ball mouse is for Adam as he likes that little doodle character when I draw it!

Next up day 11:

Did this sketch on the tube, was unsure what to draw then thought dog and then as i did the head thought hmmm no more feline like actually fox! I then worked into it a little at home and did the quick face sketch from reference.

2 Feb 2011

Days 6, 7, 8 and 9...

Yikes thats a lot of updates! So days 6,7,8 AND 9 arrive! First up is Saturday's choice...a content looking frog.drawn in the living room of my mum's house while she watched shit tv! He's nice nothing fancy but in good ol' blue pencil first then outlined in HB.
URRGGGG! The next drawings are awful...went out for a night out with friends on the saturday....a picture of a spontanius daily zoo will grace this wall soon (when Em sends me the picture
lol!) but til then these are the pitiful attemps i made on Sunday afternoon, not hungover just tired and uninspired to draw.Very lazy but at least I tried 3 times!

Right to make up for that mess, after a lovely day of lunch at Las Iguanas with mum and some birthday shopping for the both of us, it was time to return to LondonTown....only National Rail had other plans......I got to the station at 3.30...I got back to Brixton at 8pm! (This is usually a 2hour at the maxium trip btw) damn electrical faults and squished trains urghh!Luckily Bjarni met me at the station to make me feel better :) All this train time gave me the chance to do a detailed character sketch. Based off the mexican/latino vide from the resturant I drew 'Bandito' the Mexican Raccoon! Like the design and could add some colour in future as I had plenty of time to work on the linework!

Finally Day 9 and the day of the start of my new job (same studio, different position). Needless to say it was a little overwhelming but good to concentrate on something and have a more artisic imput. I'm working on 'Warhorse', which is based off a book that got made into a play and is now a movie by a certain Mr Spielberg! Very exciting and challenging. Hopefully the movie will be great. As I was busy today, this was sketched out on the steps of our main staircase late at work and really captures how I felt this morning, wacom at the ready and paintwork galore waiting.....Here's Joey!

DaY 4 and 5!

Here are the posts for days 4 and 5...done while at work. The first one was after reading a news story about a gorilla at Kent Zoo that has taught himself to walk upright like a human...the video made me laugh so I figured draw from life (well the screen) of some in action shots and I liked the back profile quite a bit as it's a different view to usual sketches....so here he is:

Next up is Friday wooooo! I was on my way back to Pompey that evening for my early birthday celebrations with friends and family so decided to get a haircut for the occasion. This inspired me to draw a hairdresser themed daily zoo..which wnded up being.. Barry the Walrus Barber!

I also found out I start my new job on Tuesday when I return..........a junior compositor at Framestore! Nervous eeeek!

Hey, I'm Amy Davis! I am a character designer/compositor/animator who currently works for the VFX studio Framestore. Enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me at amy_davis86@hotmail.co.uk and on 07515060296.